- our mission -

To discover, design and develop revolutionary sustainable living systems for all life on the planet.

Gianluca Santosuosso designed MORPHotel, a floating spine described by CNN as “the future of holiday cruises” Inspired by this, a team was formed to develop HYPERcay, a pioneer in sustainability and LESS - The Laboratory for Eco-Sustainable Systems was formed to research promote and develop future systems in response to rising sea levels. Having built the core team we are currently looking for partners, founders and supporters to help us in realise our mission.


- global challenge -

1 Billion

People threatened by

sea level rise

by 2050

136 Cities

affected by


by 2050

$1 Trillion

Cost of damage to cities

affected by flooding

by 2050

Sea levels will affect about 1 billion people globally by 2050, threatening more than 150 of the world’s most populated cities and with increasing pressure on space and  resources it is now a global imperative to develop sustainable scalable solutions on water.  


- our approach -


- case study -


approaching from the sky


approaching from the sea


night view


approaching from the sky

With this in mind LESS has developed HYPERcay, a pioneering concept in sustainable sea  travel designed to push the extremes of a self-sufficient community on water while  developing  key technologies to take on the global issue at hand.  HYPERcay literally meaning  “beyond the island” is a bio-synthetic organism with the  ability to move, embedded in the natural environment its focus is on sustainability and  bringing people back into harmony with nature and each other, to have an enriching  experience while using less resources. 


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