With rising sea levels  affecting 1 billion people globally by 2050 threatening more than  150 of the world’s most populated cities and with increasing pressure on space and  resources it is now a global imperative to develop sustainable scalable solutions on  water.  

With this in mind LESS has developed HYPERcay, a pioneering concept in sustainable sea  travel designed to push the extremes of a self-sufficient community on water while  developing  key technologies to take on the global issue at hand.  
HYPERcay literally meaning  “beyond the island” is a bio-synthetic organism with the  ability to move, embedded in the natural environment its focus is on sustainability and  bringing people back into harmony with nature and each other, to have an enriching  experience while using less resources. 

Built around 4 strategic pillars HYPERcay exemplifies core principles that inform how best  to support community and all life in and around water.


The 4 core strategic pillars are:

1. Adaptability

Capable of navigating in shallow and narrow passages 

One of the key innovative features of​ ​HYPERcay is its adaptive shape, thanks to its  “Vertebral Spine Structure” it is capable of changing shape in order to adapt to  environmental and climatic conditions as well as navigate narrow channels.  

Generating propulsion through movement 

Using hydraulic pistons along its vertebral structure to change its shape and push  HYPERcay can generate propulsion to move it forward similar to fish or eel in water. 

2. Hyper Journey

Continuous journey can be joined at any point 

Unlike traditional cruises where passengers have to join and disembark at fixed points  passengers can join at any point along and ever moving ever changing itinerary   

Detachable private cruisers CAY EXPLORERS offer total freedom 

Central communal structures will provide space and facilities for guests to eat be  entertained and interact, while the private movable capsules provide guests with the  opportunity to explore the surrounding environment. These can be self-driving in the  future. 

3. Self Sufficiency

The core of HYPERcay is its self-sufficient ecosystem supporting fully renewable energy,  propulsion, a unique marine garden built into the structure to provide a nursery for animal  and plant life, waste recycling to create biogas, alternative fuels and fertilisers and food production along with water desalination for drinking, cooking and cleaning. All aspects of  HYPERcay work with local communities to nurture and support the environment and the local economy.

4. Scalability

HYPERcay works as a scalable system capable of being added to and made adaptable to  into a given environment, providing on demand movable communities that have the potential to scale for multiple use, city extensions and the future of interconnected life on  water.